Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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Things you might not know (yet) about the university

Early Hominid Discovery

Biological anthropologist Lucas Delezene was part of a team of researchers who identified a new species of human ancestor, known as Homo naledi. Fossils were discovered in a cave in South Africa, and Delezene compared teeth to other existing hominids to determine that naledi was indeed a new species.

International students

International Focus

The University of Arkansas has long been an institution with a strong international focus. This tradition of international exchange is exemplified by the late U.S. Sen. J. William Fulbright, a Rhodes Scholar as a student and eventual president of the university (1939-41). He founded what is now the largest international exchange program for faculty and students in the world. The Fulbright Program awards approximately 8,000 grants annually in all fields of study and operates in more than 155 countries, with more than 310,000 participants since its inception in 1946.

Savvy Shields on parade float

Miss America 2017

University of Arkansas student Savvy Shields was named Miss America this year and the community held a parade in her honor. She’s the second woman from the university to hold the honor. Donna Axum Whitworth won the pageant in 1964. Shields is an art major and will finish her studies after a year of national service.

Fiberoptic Invention

An alumnus of the university, Robert Maurer, led the design of the first practical fiber-optic line in 1970, the backbone of today’s Internet and global communication system.

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