Campus Map

Campus Map

University Of Arkansas Campus Map

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Grid Code Name
D2 ASUP Academic Support Building
C2 ADMN Administration Building – Honors College
B4 ADSB Administrative Services Building (including parking office)
C1 AFLS Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences Building – Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
D2 AGRI Agriculture Building
C1 ADPS Alpha Delta Pi
B2 AGRF Alpha Gamma Rho
D2 AOPS Alpha Omicron Pi
B3 MARK Alpha Phi Alpha
C2 ARKU Arkansas Union
D2 ARMY Army ROTC Building
C2 BAND Epley Band Hall (Lewis E. Epley, Jr. Band Building)
B3 JBAR Barnhill Arena Gymnastics Center
D3 BELL Bell Engineering Center – College of Engineering
C5 BOGL Bogle Park
C1 BKST University Bookstore
B3 BLCA Bev Lewis Center for Women’s Athletics
C3 FSBC Brough Commons
C3 BUCH Buchanan-Droke Hall
B4 WALT Bud Walton Arena
C2 WAHR Bud Walton Hall
C3 WCOB Business Building – Sam M. Walton College of Business
A5 CERM Ceramics Studio
D3 CHPN Champions Hall
C2 CHBC Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Building
D2 CHEM Chemistry Building
C2 CIOS Chi Omega
C3 COGT Chi Omega Greek Theatre
C4 CLIN Clinton House Museum
C2 DAVH Davis Hall
D2 DDDS Delta Delta Delta
A4 DILL Dills Indoor Tennis Center
D2 DISC Discovery Hall (formerly known as Science Building)
D3 DUNR Duncan Avenue Residence – Apartments
D2 CARN Ella Carnall Hall
D3 ENGR John A. White, Jr. Engineering Hall
B1 ECHP Epley Center for Health Professions
B5 FAMA Facilities Management
C2 FPAC Jim and Joyce Faulkner Performing Arts Center
E2 FARM Farm House
D3 FERR Ferritor Hall (Daniel E. Ferritor Hall)
C2 FNAR Fine Arts Center
C3 FNDR Founders Hall
B1 FWLR Fowler House (Wallace and Jama Fowler House)
C1 FUTR Futrall Hall
C1 GACS Garland Avenue Center Shops
C1 GAPG Garland Avenue Parking Garage
C1 GTWR Willard B. Gatewood, Jr. (Northwest Quad A)
D2 GEAR Gearhart Hall – Graduate School and Honors College
C3 GIBX Gibson Annex
C3 GIBS Gibson Hall
C3 GLAD Gladson-Ripley Hall
F4 GLBL Global Campus
D2 GRAD Graduate Education Building – College of Education and Health Professions
C3 COGT Greek Theatre (Chi Omega Greek Theatre)
C3 GREG Gregson Hall
C1 HRDR Harding Hall (Arthur M. Harding Hall – Northwest Quad D)
D3 HAPG Harmon Avenue Garage
C2 HLTH Health Center (Pat Walker Health Center)
B3 HPER Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building
B2 ALUM Hembree Alumni House (Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House)
C3 HILL Hillside Auditorium
C1 HOLC Holcombe Hall
C2 HOEC Home Economics Building
D1 HMGH Home Management House
C1 HOUS University Housing Office (960 W. Douglas St.)
C2 HOEC Human Environmental Sciences Building
C3 HUMP Humphreys Hall
C3 JBHT Hunt Center for Academic Excellence (J.B. Hunt Transport Service, Inc. Center for Academic Excellence)
D1 INDC Infant Development Center
D2 CARN Inn at Carnall Hall

B5 IMMP Intramural Multipurpose Building
D1 JTCD Jean Tyson Child Development Center
B4 JSAC Jones Student-Athlete Center
E2 KDLS Kappa Delta
D2 KKGS Kappa Kappa Gamma
D3 KASF Kappa Sigma
C3 KIMP Kimpel Hall
C3 LCAF Lambda Chi Alpha
C2 WATR Leflar Law Center – School of Law
C2 MULN Library
B1 MHER Maple Hill East
B1 MHSR Maple Hill South
B1 MHWR Maple Hill West
B3 MARK Markham House
B4 TRPA McDonnell Field (John McDonnell Field House)
C3 MCHS McIlroy House
D2 STAB McNalley House
B3 MSPG Meadow Street Parking Garage
D3 MEEG Mechanical Engineering Building
D2 MEMH Memorial Hall
C2 MULN Mullins Library
C3 GIBX Multimedia Resource Center
C2 MUSC Music Building (George and Boyce Billingsley Music Building)
D3 NANO Nanoscale Material Science and Engineering Building
C1 NWQB Northwest Quad B
C1 NWQC Northwest Quad C
D2 MAIN Old Main – J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences
D2 PEAH Peabody Hall
C3 PDTF Phi Delta Theta
C4 PGDF Phi Gamma Delta
D3 PHYS Physics Building
E2 PBPS Pi Beta Phi
E3 PKAF Pi Kappa Alpha
D2 PTSC Plant Sciences Building
C4 POMF Pomfret Hall
C4 POMF Pomfret Honors Quarters
C5 RAZF Razorback Field (Soccer)
A4 BUSB Razorback Transit Maintenance Facility
B1 REID Reid Hall
C3 RCED Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development
B2 RAZS Reynolds Razorback Stadium (Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium)
C2 ROSE Rosen Alternative Pest Control Center
D2 SCSW School of Social Work
D3 SCEN Science Engineering Building
C3 SAEF Sigma Alpha Epsilon
E2 SCHF Sigma Chi
C3 SINF Sigma Nu
C2 HUNT Silas Hunt Hall – Admissions and Registrar
C5 RAZF Soccer
C5 BOGL Soft ball
C2 SDPG Stadium Drive Garage
E2 STON Stone House North (Edward Durrell Stone House)
E2 STOS Stone House South (Edward Durrell Stone House)
D2 STAB Study Abroad and International Exchange
D4 SUZM Suzuki Music School
B3 TEST Testing Center
B3 TSTA Testing Annex
B1 POSC Tyson Building (John Tyson Poultry Science Center)
C4 UTCH UAteach building
C2 UNST Union Station (Union Station Transit Facility)
C2 UNHS University House
C3 MCHS University Press
D2 WALK Vol Walker Hall
C2 HLTH Walker Health Center (Pat Walker Health Center)
B3 IDPA Walker Pavilion
B4 WALT Walton Arena (Bud Walton Arena)
C2 WATR Waterman Hall
E2 WAAX West Avenue Annex
C3 WJWH Willard Walker Hall (Willard J. Walker Hall) (Northwest Quad A)
C3 YOCM Yocum Hall
C2 ZTAS Zeta Tau Alpha

Numbered yellow dots represent locations of “A few things to see on your visit”.